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Signalert Corporation is a client-focused, safety-oriented asset management company, founded in 1973 to help families take advantage of changing economic conditions and investment opportunities, while still protecting capital against serious loss.

Our Services Include:

  • Working with clients to develop financial plans and portfolio strategies designed to achieve their future goals….

  • Carrying forth active management to minimize risk to our clients' financial base during periods of market weakness, while taking advantage of favorable periods of market strength, in order to grow capital….

  • Publishing books, articles, and an internationally respected newsletter, Systems & Forecasts, to share our research, market insights and economic outlook….

Signalert now has a video channel. Watch Dr. Marvin Appel's presentation about Investing and Estate Planning, as well as his video explaining the MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence Indicator, which was invented by Dr. Appel's father Gerald Appel.

We invite you to request a copy of a presentation by Marvin Appel, President of Signalert Asset Management delivered to the American Association of Individual Investors. We also invite you to peruse the slides of his speech to the Long Island Entrepreneurs Group. Dr. Appel reviews the market climate, the implications of current Fed policy, and what investment vehicles can be used with success in today's low-interest environment.

Learn more about our firm – and how we can serve your particular investment and financial planning needs. Consider how we can be of service for you – and take us up on our offer of a free three-issue subscription to our investment newsletter, Systems & Forecasts.

Screen any of four instructional presentations to learn about the basics of portfolio management, by two of Signalert's portfolio managers. The presentation series is called "Comfort and Connections, Understanding the Basics of Investing".

Meet our President Marvin Appel, Ph.D., M.D. and our Chairman Gerald Appel, one of the founders of technical analysis and inventor of the MACD.

Take advantage of a free Portfolio Review. Initiate a free telephone or in-person appointment with one of the portfolio managers of Signalert to evaluate your own financial situation, and what steps and investment strategies that you may take, to provide for the present and future needs of your family and your business.

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